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Second-year and third-year law students represent clients under the supervision of faculty members. Clients must be unable to afford legal counsel falling below a certain income level for individuals , and usually are appointed by the courts or referred by local non-profit partners. Some cases are accepted through walk-ins and telephone calls if the case falls within the area of expertise covered by one of the above-mentioned clinics and has sufficient educational merit for students. Clinics that are running at capacity may not be accepting new cases.

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The Legal Clinic has been operating for over 70 years and is the oldest continually-operating law school clinic in the country. The clinic is located on the ground floor of the UT College of Law with a separate entrance and parking on James Agee Street right off of Cumberland Avenue entrance.

Top Rated Criminal Defense Lawyers in Knoxville, TN

For more information, please call or go to the clinic website. UT Pro Bono. The program strives to connect law students with area attorneys representing indigent clients. Working in cooperation with attorneys and local legal aid societies, UT Pro Bono serves as a resource by providing law students for research, educational, and investigatory assistance.

Best Knoxville, TN Criminal Defense Attorneys | Super Lawyers

A staff member will then return your call. Legal Assistance for the Elderly is a federally funded program providing legal representation to qualified senior citizens in the East Tennessee area. Aged persons may be eligible for services regardless of household income or assets.

There are no fees charged to clients for services, but donations are accepted. Legal services may be provided for persons age 60 or older in the designated counties and whose cases fall within state-determined priority areas including: Acquiring and preserving public health benefits such as Medicare, Medicaid and TennCare Investigation of financial exploitation claims Health care assistance such as nursing home access, quality of care assurance ; Assistance with Estate Planning and Long Term Care Planning documents: -Advance Directives -Powers of Attorney for Finance and Health Care -Last Wills for hospice patients.

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Services include information and referrals for lawyers, doctors, schools, etc. TN Free Legal Answers. The clinic allows Tennesseans to ask up to three questions a year about specific legal problems and communicate with a volunteer lawyer using email. The free lawyer will answer questions, but cannot represent the person in court. The free lawyers on TN Free Legal Answers can help with many types of questions: family law questions, like divorce and custody, landlord-tenant and homeowner questions, questions about debts or purchases, healthcare, civil rights, and other issues.

In order to use TN Free Legal Answers, you must live in the state of Tennessee and meet the financial requirements, like having a low household income and not much money or assets.

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  8. TN Free Legal Answers is not for questions about a criminal case or for people who are incarcerated. When you call HELP4TN, you will select whether you are over or under the age of 60 to make sure you get to the right lawyer.

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    If the lawyer is not available when you call, you will be asked to schedule an appointment to speak to a lawyer or you will be asked to leave a voicemail. The lawyer may provide information about the legal process, advice on handling the legal issue, and referrals to free local resources.

    Tennessee Lawyers and Law Firms Near You

    You can find information about going to court and your rights in different legal situations. Low Income Tennesseeans can call between p. He kept me informed and never failed to return my phone calls.

    WE WON! I would highly recommend him. Degree from the Nashville School of Law Nashville School of Law is a private law school offering high quality legal education at an affordable tuition with classes at night.

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    It required much of his time as the case was reset multiple times. Eric kept us informed throughout the process. The motion went in our favor because of his diligence.

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